Why are some rooms in the house colder or warmer?

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Many homeowners complain about the wide difference in the temperature in some rooms in the house. There are a variety of reasons the temperature of your home can vary room-to-room. Some reasons are listing below:

Improper duct sizing or design
Builders do not think about the size of the rooms and the position of the air duct which cause unbalancing air flow. If your ductwork is the wrong size for your home, you won’t get the airflow you need. This impact the balance of heating and cooling in your home.

Dirty filter
Dirty filter blocks return air flow into your HVAC system, preventing air from being delivered to other rooms.

Block vents
Vents blocked by dust, drapes or furniture can cause poor air flow distribution.

Here are a few things you can try for yourself that could minimize or solve the problem.

  • Close some vents
    Close some vents in some rooms would help minimize the problem, however, there are a certain amount of vent that can be closed.
  • Turn on the fan
    Keep the fan on will help the air circulate around the rooms and maintain the temperature in the rooms equality.
  • Change filter
    A clean filter ensures that you are getting maximum air flow from the heating and cooling system
  • Close the Windows
    Make sure windows are fully closed

However, if the unbalancing air flow persists you should hire a good HVAC contractor to solve the difference in temperature in your home.

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