Air Purifier

An air purifier system filters the air removing mold spores, allergens, and other pollutants. It protects your health and keeps your HVAC system working efficiently.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air in a room. The air inside your home is often not free of mold spores, dust particles, bacterias, and viruses. Such contaminants come from the outside and circulate throughout your home, exacerbating diseases like asthma. An air purifier works by removing unwanted contaminants from the air to deliver back to you highly pure air. As we spend so much of our time indoors, it is vital to purify and maintain clean, fresh air – and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Lennox Air Purifiers

Healthy Climate PureAir PCO3 Air Purification System

The PureAir Air Purification System combines multiple air purification technologies into a single, state-of-the-art, air purifier.


  • Filtration – The MERV 16 Carbon Clean 16 media filter captures more than 95% of particles 0.3 microns and larger and more than 90% of particles 0.01 microns and larger.
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation – The UVA lamp activates the photocatalyst on the PureAir Cartridge that captures and destroys odors and chemical vapors as they flow through the PCO3.
  • The system reduces the toxicity of the treated air stream.
  • The PCO3 is a multi-position unit that can be installed in the return air side of all types of HVAC whole-house systems.
  • The unit easily adapts to upflow, downflow or horizontal unit applications.
  • No ozone is produced by the PCO3; in fact, ozone is reduced by the PCO3.

Healthy Climate PureAir PCO16 Air Purification System

The PureAir system uses exclusive UVA-light technology to attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants–particles, mold/mildew/bacteria and odors/chemical vapors. It not only reduces but also destroys ozone, a known lung irritant.


  • Filter Type: MERV 16
  • Nominal airflow capacity (cfm):1600
  • Eliminates over 95% of particles 
  • Eliminates over 90% of micro-organisms

Did You Know

How air purifier cleans the air in your home?

Air purifier systems filter out particles, combat germs and bacteria, and fight chemical odors and vapors. Enjoy clean and fresh air by installing an air purifier system and keep your furnace and air conditioner running efficiently.

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