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Read This Before Switching on Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Before you switch on your AC unit for the summer, check it to see if it needs maintenance or repairs. This check will enable you to deal with any operational glitches now rather than waiting until it’s hot outside. At the start of summer, it’s difficult to schedule an appointment to have your unit repaired. From the time the weather gets humid, it seems like everyone else’s AC units start malfunctioning.

Don’t delay this check and cross your fingers on the first hot day when you go to switch on the system. It can cause days of discomfort while you wait for the service technician to show up. Here are some simple steps you can take to examine the system. This examination will ensure that your air conditioner will work when you need it:

  • Examine the outdoor unit panels. These panels enclose the electrical connections. They must be in place to safeguard both you and the system. Uneven and missing panels can pose possible hazards for both you and the operation of the unit. Make sure the one covering the electrical connections is not out of place or missing. Call a competent technician before starting your system if you notice any problems.
  • Take a look at your air conditioner’s outside unit. This unit is the condenser. Ensure that you take off the winter cover before switching on this unit. Operating your AC with it on can cause severe complications.
  • Check the condenser fan. Detach the grill covering the fan. Use a vacuum attachment brush to clean the blades. Your condenser likely collected debris during the winter. Run the vacuum along the base to lift this debris. Also, remove all the other objects that the fan might have sucked inside. Ensure that nothing is obstructing the airflow to the blades of the fan.
  • Remove any vegetation or items within eighteen inches of your unit. You should also use a hose with a nozzle to spray the coils. Spray at a 45-degree angle to dislodge the debris from between the coils.
  • Change the filters. Clean all vents both outdoors and indoors so your AC won’t have to work harder than necessary. Remove any grime or muck from the drainage pipe. Attach a wet-dry vacuum to the end of the drainage pipe and draw out any muck that might be collecting there. This blow out will help things to flow as they should.
  • Schedule a tune-up. Your air conditioner is open to the elements during the months that it is not in use. Insects and vermin can get into the wires and plugs, which can cause them to stop working. Get your AC technician to inspect the coolant lines to ensure that there are no leaks or kinks.


After taking the first five steps, if your unit is still not working, call an AC repair company. And if you’re in Toronto, Ontario, or the surrounding areas, you can call 1stAir!

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