Air Conditioner damage caused by pets!

 In Air Conditioner

Pets are cute and adorable, they make us happy. Most of the time they do their business in appropriate places, but sometimes they choose an awkward place! Pets urine contain ammonia that is a chemical element. Ammonia can react with other chemicals elements to create a new product. When ammonia (NH3) react with copper (Cu) a new substance is formed. An Air Conditioner condenser coils are manufactured with copper; the condenser coil is an important piece of an A/C unit because it holds high-pressure refrigerant. Most of the time the leaks in the coils occur at the u-tubes or bends in copper at the end of the coil. When pets urinate on A/C unit a reaction between ammonia and copper occurs which could cause damage to the u-tubes in copper coils and consequently refrigerant leak will happen. Here are a couple of pictures that show how an air conditioning looks like when pets urinate in the unit.


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